Prestige Points

Prestige Points

Earning Spending

I have stolen this system, it is used on many Obsidian Portal Campaigns and was originally devised at “A Manifestation of Chaos” which is linked from our Credits page. I think it’s a terrific way to rewards players for going “above and beyond” in the campaign, as well as to incentivize greater participation, without breaking the game itself. In the past I have awarded bonus experience points for those players who put in the extra effort to help make our game better. This system had its flaws and I feel that this new method better accomplishes the desired objective.

Players are allowed to accumulate the Prestige Points that they earn in order to reach greater rewards. Each player is allowed to accumulate a total of 10 Prestige Points. The current total will be maintained on the Character Page below the Experience Tracker. Players do not need to worry about maintaining these details as they will be updated by the GM for consistency. Additionally I will be keeping a running record of each player’s Prestige Point accumulations and expenditures in the Prestige Point Ledger.

Following you will be able to see the different methods of accumulating Prestige Points, as well as the different things you are able to spend these points on. These details are subject to change, players should check this page regularly for details.

Earning Prestige Points
Activity Performed Points Earned
ResponsiveRSVP to sessions. Must be done on the calendar by the preceding Wednesday at midnight. If you need to miss a session see the Group Procedures for information on absences. 1
Deliberation – Being active on the discussions in the Forums. The GM will judge if someone has been active. 1 post saying “Yes” will not count as being “active.” This bonus is awarded monthly. 1
Growth – Every time your character levels you should make sure your stats block is up to date, in terms of ability scores, spells, weapons, etc. This should be done before the start of the next session. 1
Commentator – Constructive feedback on sessions can be a great boon to help the GM know what the players like or dislike about the current state of the campaign. Adding constructive feedback in the Comments of the Chronicle Posts will further help to keep this feedback available for the GM to review as needed. These must be submitted before the start of the next session to qualify. 1
Provider – Bring snacks and/or booze to the gaming session, or otherwise provide for the group. Points are gained at a ratio of 1 for every $10 contributed for this purpose. 1+
Chronicler – Write a journal entry for your character for the previous session/sessions. This can take the form of an actual journal entry, a mission report, a letter to a friend/loved one, etc. 1 point is awarded for 100 words, 2 points for 300 or more words, and 1 additional point for inserting appropriate artwork. 1-3
Archivist – Help to maintain the Codex. Codex Contributions help everyone keep track of the details from the Campaign in the long term, and it also provides an additional assurance of continuity. For new Codex Entries you can get 1 point is awarded for 100 words, 2 points for 300 or more words, and 1 additional point for inserting appropriate artwork. For helping to update and maintain the Codex you can get 1 additional point per month. 1-3
Biographer – Write down your details and character biography on your character’s page. Depending on how detailed you are, I will adjudicate points. The rule of thumb I’ll be using is 1 point for the basic details, 1 point for a physical description paragraph, 1 point for a character quote, 1 point per good paragraph of the biography. Some of these paragraphs are allowed to be Player Secrets. if you do not wish the information to be public knowledge. Note: You must advise the GM when you are ready to submit your character’s page for review. 1-6
Specialist – Periodically I will post projects into the forum. These can range from creating an NPC to writing the history of a specific Dwarven city to designing a dungeon to making certain wiki pages look better, and everything in between. If you have an idea, feel free to bring it to me and if I like it, I’ll assign some points for it. Varies

Spending Prestige Points
Reward Point Cost
Knowledgeable – Gain 100 Experience Points per Character Level the next time your character rests. This can cause the character to level in the middle of a session. 1
Personal Finances – Gain 15 Silver per Character Level next time you rest or are in town. 1
I Got This – Player may immediately re-roll any one skill check made by them. Use the higher of the original roll or this roll. 1
Guided Strike – Player may re-roll a single to-hit roll per purchase. Use the higher of the original roll or this roll. 2
Looks Like It Hurt – Player may re-roll a single weapon damage roll or damage from a single target spell per purchase. Use the higher of the original roll or this roll. 3
Waves of Pain – Player may re-roll the damage from an area-effect spell per purchase. Use the higher of the original roll or this roll. 6
I Actually Want This – Character may change one Talent or Spell. All rules for qualifications/prerequisites still apply. 10
Resilience – Character permanently gains 1D3 extra HP or MP. 10
Write Out – A player may write out their current character and bring in a new character at the same Character Level. Normally a new character will come in at a Character Level 1. 10
Discount Shopper – When shopping at any merchant you may spend points equal to the percentage of discount you would like on the sale. This can stack with an already existing discount provided by the vendor. Varies
Stunt Man – You may spend an equal number of Prestige Points as the Stunt Point cost of any applicable Stunt on a successful check. Varies

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Prestige Points

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