Acknowledgements & Credit

While much of the content on this site has been worked on by members of this Campaign, the Campaign would not exist in the state it currently does if not for the help of some fantastic people. While this is not an all inclusive listing as some content was curated so long ago that the creator is no longer known, the page will be updated as information presents itself.

General Thanks
  • EA International and BioWare Corp. — Thanks very much for developing the rich and intriguing world of Thedas, the setting that this Campaign exists in.
  • Green Ronin — Thanks very much for converting one of my favorite CRPGs into a fantastic tabletop game, the mechanical foundation on which this Campaign is run.
  • Dragon Age Wiki — Additional details and lore have been collected from the hard work put into the DA Wiki site, an invaluable resource for keeping the feeling of Thedas through the Campaign.
  • Esoterica of Thedas Creators — A big thanks to the creators of this fan supplement that has been the source of considerable inspiration.
Code Contributions
  • Post Reforge CSS — This page is a collection of CSS that works on OP since the Reforge and proved to be an invaluable resource in getting this Campaign working as intended without reinventing the wheel.
  • Bortas — Thanks for the comments, suggestions, and feedback on the Campaign site as well as being the inspiration of some of the design choice that have been made here. Be sure to check out his current Campaign Morwindl and show your support.
  • killervp — Some of the CSS used to create this Campaign site was directly taken or modified off of their works. You should take a look at their Campaign A God…Rebuilt and grant them some support for their amazing work.
  • ChainsawXIV — While no direct interaction was done, he was able to provide some useful code contributions that were utilized here on this Campaign. Be sure to take a look at Sanction of the Athar and give them some support.
  • Basileus — Another member I did not interact with directly, but who still contributed to this Campaign in a few helpful ways. Take a peek at Outremer to see some of the great things you can accomplish on OP.
  • ikabodo — After a fair bit of time working to get the parchment background used on this site to work responsively as I had intended, he came out with an elegant solution that inspired some additional updates on the Campaign. Be sure to check out A Tale of Blood and Honour and grant them an extra fan for their amazing work.
  • Thorvaldr — Known for helping people all over the OP community with their Campaigns, and the originator of some of the concepts used on our Campaign here. Check out the fantastic Tyellador and get an idea of what I mean.
  • Leonidas300 — Once again this is another member of the community that I grabbed some initial code from to avoid reinventing the wheel if I didn’t need to. Be sure to drop by A Manifestation of Chaos and show them some support and love for being so great to the community.
  • Pils — The originator of the 3 Column Character layout that I snagged and adapted to be more mobile responsive as that marketshare grows daily. Stop by Dark Sun to provide them some encouragement and support.
  • saethone — Feedback provided on the Campaign page has been a direct influence on the current vision. This feedback has enhanced the Campaign for the better and I could not be more thankful. Stop by their Campaign Persona and show your support.
Artwork Contributions
  • Google Image Search — This has been the primary source of artwork used on this Campaign. Unfortunately when I started to gather these years ago I was not tracking their sources. I would like to credit artists where it is due, so if you see your art being used on this site and are ok with it remaining just contact the GM (you may also do this if you would like your art removed). We will be happy to add a credit to this page for you.



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