Screaming Angel

The Screaming Angel

Hours: Dusk til Dawn


From the outside the Screaming Angel looks cheerful, clean and warm. Plastered walls and hardwood beams make up most of the building’s outer structure. It’s hard to see through the darkened windows, one gets a feeling this is likely intentional in design. It stands apart from the dank and dingy surroundings it inhabits.

The interior is even more lavish than the outside. The fragrance of assorted flowers fills the air, giving an immediate sense of relaxation. The hardwood floors and dark red paint on the walls keeps the lighting dim even though there are plenty of candles and lamps lit throughout. Sexually suggestive art works line many of the walls serving to rouse guests from the moment they set foot inside. Soft music hits your ears from upstairs mixed with softly muffled wails and moans from clients and staff partaking in seedy activities. The front desk serves as a bar and services center where clients can arrange for one of the many options available, and it is nearly always staffed by two incredibly attractive attendants.

Serving as the only brothel and gentleman’s club in the city of Afsaana, the establishment is frequented by travelers and locals alike on a regular basis. Madam Maurile goes to great lengths to ensure that her establishment has the finest men and women that money can buy, and the prices clearly reflect the quality. She is a shrewd business woman who has ensured her monopoly on the market remains unchallenged. It is not uncommon for her to interact with clients of her establishment, and sometimes is even known to provide services herself.


Item Cost
Bottle of Brandy 1 sp, 75 cp
Bottle of Wine 85 cp


Service Cost
Public Dance 40 sp
Private Dance 80 sp


Type Cost
Dwarf Male or Female 1 gp
Elf Male or Female 1 gp, 50 sp
Human Male or Female 1 gp, 20 sp

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Screaming Angel

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