Groups and Organizations

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Throughout the lands there are numerous groups, organizations, and cultures all trying to carve out an existence. Many of these groups are at odds with one another while others are offshoots of larger groups, adding additional dynamics to the world of Thedas. This section of the Codex contains details on those groups and organizations that have an impact on the characters and Campaign.

Not all organizations are created equal. A small-town bandit gang might be a big deal among the settlements in a region, but they pale in comparison to the might of the Orlesian Empire or even a medium-sized syndicate from a major city such as Kirkwall. They are rated in four categories: Local, Regional, National, or World (known as Scope). It determines how wide the organization’s reach is.

Local Regional
National World

Local Powers

Local Powers influence covers a town or small area.

Regional Powers

Regional Powers influence covers part of a nation or a large city like Denerim or Kirkwall.

National Powers

National Powers influence deals with everything within the borders of a nation like Nevarra or Orlais.

World Powers

World Powers is reserved for kingdoms and other organizations who can affect large areas of Thedas with their power.


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