Ferelden Reconstruction

Ferelden Reconstruction


In the wake of the Fifth Blight much of Ferelden was left in ruins. Resilience, however, has always been a hallmark of the Ferelden people. Throughout many towns and villages one will find an assortment of construction projects in various phases of completion.

Some of the hardest hit locations have yet to be directly addressed. The village of Lothering, once a prospering trade hub along the Imperial Highway, sits in silent ruin. No building remains standing beyond foundations. Gwaren was also overrun and sacked by the Darkspawn horde, and remnants of the retreating horde still occupy the desolate ruins of the coast. This leaves the nation with only one remaining teryn.

King Alistair Theirin has arranged for military aid in the southern lands. Most recently he has commissioned the construction of a new fort in the region of the village of Sothmere. This new fort is to serve as the staging grounds for future actions in the south lands.

While the capital of Denerim was heavily damaged during the Battle of Denerim, restoration and reconstruction efforts have been coming along famously. Much of the Market District has been restored and many shops have reopened their doors while some new establishments have popped up. The Palace District is also nearly fully restored, as is Fort Drakon. Some of the lower class areas are still struggling, particularly the Alienage where disease runs rampant.

Also fairly heavily hit in the conflict was Redcliffe. The city had suffered from a series of attacks prior to the onset of the Fifth Blight, and though they managed to hold the city with the help of the Hero of Ferelden and their companions the advancing Darkspawn proved to almost be too much. Much of the city was sacked, though through great ambition much of the city has been reconstructed already.

Much of the reconstruction efforts have been assisted by aid from Orzammar under the leadership of their new King, Bhelen Aeducan. The Grey Wardens of Ferelden have also been instrumental in the reconstruction efforts, many of the members who now make up the national order being natives to the lands with a vested interest in the efforts.

Much of the lands to the south remain a Blightland, but the wilds slowly begin to reclaim that which the Darkspawn wrested away and corrupted. Time will heal the lands, it nearly always has in Blights past. Until that time travelers are encouraged to avoid the southern regions unless absolutely necessary.

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Ferelden Reconstruction

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