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  • Armet

    The armet is fully enclosing, and narrowed to follow the contours of the neck and throat, it has a mechanical means of opening and closing to enable it to be worn. The typical armet consists of four pieces: the skull, the two large hinged cheek-pieces …

  • Brigandine

    Brigandine is a type of armor that is constructed from a hardened leather base with metal plates riveted onto the under layer. An extra layer of thick cloth is then sewn to the inside of the garment to provide some additional comfort when worn by …

  • Chain Mail

    Chain mail is one of the oldest and most prolific armors seen during history. It has seen widespread use throughout not only Ferelden but in essentially all other modern cultures. Chain mail is a great addition to any warrior arsenal. Knights, warriors, …

  • Full Plate

    Full plate armor was originally developed in Orlais for use by the Chevalier, but the vast protection offered by the armor has seen it's use spread quickly to the rest of Thedas. The armor is a solid encasing of jointed metal to offer a degree of …

  • Half Plate

    Half plate is more common than full plate, offering a solid amount of protection for a much lower cost. The exposed areas of the armor are typically supplemented with some form of mail or hardened leathers. While still a mostly military armament it sees …

  • Leathers

    Some of the most commonly seen armor worn throughout Thedas, it is low cost and offers a fair degree of protection. In many cases it is used as a fashion statement as much as it is for armor, and could be easily substituted for clothing in many social …

  • Scale Mail

    Scale mail is an early form of armor consisting of many individual small armor scales of various shapes attached to each other and to a backing of cloth or leather in overlapping rows. The cost of production does reduce the use of the armor to some …

  • Splint Mail

    Made by attaching plated splints onto a chain mail base, splint mail is a versatile and hardy armor commonly used throughout all of Thedas. From highwaymen to soldiers, many warriors are known to sport this armor.

  • Studded Leathers

    Similar to leather armor, this suit is reinforced with small metal studs. It affords more protection than common leathers with more versatility than the stronger brigandine armors. It is a favorite of adventurers all over Thedas.

  • Barbute

    A visorless war helmet originally of Antivan design, often with a distinctive "T" shaped or "Y" shaped opening for the eyes and mouth. It is now used commonly by warriors of all types across the lands

  • Boteu

    A common form of boot that extends to somewhere above the ankle or to around the mid calf. They come in many designs and forms, and can be crafted from either leather or metal, the metal variations typically being used as parts of armor suits.

  • Cap

    A simple and common form of head protection, metals typically being used for military purposes while leathers are common among the civilian population.

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