Dragon Age: Requiem

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Campaign Background

The Campaign of Dragon Age: Requiem takes place in the year of 9:32 Dragon. The Hero of Ferelden and their companions have ended the Fifth Blight at the Battle of Denerim a full year ago. The Warden-Commander sent from Orlais and their companions have just concluded their campaign in the Amaranthine, and ended the Amaranthine Conflict. Major events stir within the Free Marches that will lay the foundations for something world changing.

While some of my contemporaries dispute whether the Fifth Blight was a true Blight or merely a large darkspawn resurgence, historians agree that it began in the swamps of the Korcari Wilds on the southeastern border of Ferelden in the year 9:30 Dragon.

-From “A Study of the Fifth Blight,” by Sister Petrine, Chantry scholar

The Warden was actually a Dalish elf named Lyna Mahariel. As legends say, she sacrificed herself in the Battle of Denerim to end the Fifth Blight. In the wake of the event she has been named the Hero of Ferelden, and the tavern in Redcliffe village, now run by Bella, was renamed “The Grey Warden’s Rest.” It echoes with tales of how the hero of Ferelden saved the village and healed Arl Eamon with the Sacred Ashes of Andraste.

In the months that followed his coronation, King Alistair surprised many by studying the art of governance and doing his best to rule the kingdom with a fair and even hand. He appointed Eamon Guerrin as Chancellor and Teagan Guerrin ruled over Redcliffe in his stead, and was surprised to find himself well-loved by the villagers, who were still grateful for the nights he spent defending their lives. In time, Eamon abdicated in favor of his brother—an event the locals greeted with approval and enthusiasm.


The new Warden-Commander of Ferelden is a man named Gerod Caron sent from Orlais at the end of the Fifth Blight. He has played a direct role in the reestablishment of the Grey Wardens in Ferelden as well as putting an end to the Amaranthine Conflict—effectively ending the Thaw in the north of the nation. Loghain had survived the Fifth Blight being inducted into the Grey Wardens, and had assisted in the Amaranthine Conflict, but he was then sent to join the Grey Wardens in Orlais by the order of King Alistair and the Warden-Commander. Many in the nation protested this decision seeing Loghain as a redeemed man being sent into exile, but Alistair would stand by his decision.

The Warden-Commander assumed command of the reclaimed Soldier’s Peak, placing Nathaniel Howe in command of Vigil’s Keep—both forts now serving as Grey Warden outposts. Beyond these two the Wardens have grown but remain small in numbers. Oghren was inducted into the order during the Amaranthine Conflict and remains stationed at Vigil’s Keep, as well as another dwarf by the name of Sigrun who is rarely ever seen and a young human woman by the name of Mhairi. There had been others inducted into the order as well, but in recent months some have defected and disappeared.

Fergus Cousland has been discovered alive and has recovered from his wounds. The Highever lands have been restored to him, as was the arling of Amaranthine that belonged to Arl Howe. Fergus instead decides to give Amaranthine to the Grey Wardens, thus restoring the arling to the Howe line as Nathaniel Howe is granted the claim.

As a sign of respect to the Hero of Ferelden, Alistair granted the Brecilian Forests to the Dalish people and even named the local elder of Denerim, Shianni, to his personal court as the first Bann of the Alienages—a scandal amongst the humans, but a sign of new hope to the elves. Keeper Lanaya has formed a communal camp of Dalish Clans on the outskirts of the Brecilian. Though they played a major role in ending the Fifth Blight and work to restore the southern lands, tensions begin to rise between the elves and humans once more despite the efforts of King Alistair and Keeper Lanaya.

The Fifth Blight ended before most of Thedas knew it had begun. But it left a terrible wound on Ferelden. The losses suffered at Ostagar and Denerim greatly compromised the security of the kingdom. Southern Ferelden from the Korcari Wilds to the edge of the Bannorn are, to this day, a wasteland. It’s uncertain how far the ripples from this event shall travel, or what waves it has already stirred.

-From “A Study of the Fifth Blight,” by Sister Petrine, Chantry scholar


Now Ferelden continues to struggle to recover in the wake of these world changing events. Much of the lands to the south remain Blightlands, spanning from the Korcari Wilds to the ruins of Lothering. Alistair is proving quite popular with the people, his humor and easy grace winning them over as much as his willingness to sneak out of the castle and mingle in the lower-class taverns on occasion. He also makes numerous outings into Denerim and the other settlements in Ferelden supervising the reconstruction process and greeting his subjects personally, much to the commoners’ enthusiastic approval.

Before Leliana could depart from Ferelden she was asked by the Chantry to return to the Urn of Sacred Ashes and make sure it is protected in the wake of an announcement made by Brother Genitivi several months after the defeat of the Darkspawn. Honored by the off she accepted, and she left a month ago with a small army of templars and priests. Wynne and the surviving mages endured months of effort, but the tower of the Circle of Magi was finally cleansed of the last spirits to slip through the Veil. No further abominations were created, and First Enchanter Irving was pleased to declare the Circle safe. Connor Guerrin was sent off to study at the Circle, and considering his earlier experiences, he has excelled in his training.

Seeing their old rival in a weakened state and almost utter chaos, the nation of Orlais has been applying pressure to King Alistair who fears they may plan to try and reclaim Ferelden as their own again. If all of this were not enough, a new threat once again begins to rise and stir in the south and rumors swirl of a potential Blight forming in the north of Thedas. The Free Marches are said to be reeling in the wake of all this as well, suffering a swell of immigrants during the Fifth Blight. As these events coalesce they set into motion the next great events of the Age.

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