Great Sword

Common Heavy Blade Weapon


DM: 2D6 (3D6)
EN: 2
RS: 0
Hands: 1.5

Special: Can be used as a 1 Hand or 2 Hand weapon, 2 Hand damage listed in parentheses.

Material Modifiers
Material Modifiers Cost
Iron -1 DM, +1 EN x1/4
Lazurite -1 DM x1/2
Steel Standard x1
Veridium +1 DM x2
Volcanic Aurum +1 DM, -1 EN, +1RS x3
Silverite +2 DM, +2 RS x4
Dragon Bone +2 DM, -1 EN, +3 RS x6

Masterwork Customizations
Customization Details Cost
Colored Color customization. x2
Fancy Embroidery, heraldry, trim work, etc. +1 Communication x3
Balanced Compensates own weight. -1 EN x3
Personalized Designed just for your hand. +1 Attack x3
Serrated Tooth design to blade. +1 DM x3


A diverse weapon that can be managed by one or two hands efficiently. It is favored by warriors who prefer to mix up their battle style on the field.

Great Sword

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