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Session 5, Mini 1 Recap

In this section of the Campaign we have slipped back to a brief Mini Session setup, though this time it will only be for a single session. The reason for the inclusion of this session is that at the primary Session 5 the troupe ran out of time before one of the players was able to conclude their closing scene. We will be resuming group sessions for the next segment of the story.

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Session Cast
Character Player
Cassius Ohno Randy

adrift.jpgThe first thing that Cassius noticed was the feeling of weightlessness and cold enveloping him. He then quickly noted that the sounds he was hearing seemed strange, almost with a distorted echo to them that was coming and going. As he weakly opened his eyes, everything suddenly washed from dark to a bright and blinding white. As his sight began to come into focus he was able to take in the reality of his situation, he found himself freely floating in the vast open waters with the realization that he could not see land in any direction. Thankfully a short ways away he managed to find a large bit of what appeared to have formerly been the hull of the ship bobbing away on the water surface. He kicked his legs in desperation, pushing himself over to the moderate slab and grabbing hold with all his strength.

The signs of the terrible storm seemed to have subsided and the waters of the sea were relatively calm once again. As he scanned the horizon he saw no signs of the qunari dreadnaught that had been pursuing the Siren’s Call, either they had avoided the storm or possibly went down as well — regardless, at the moment at least it would appear he was alone and without a hint of worthwhile supplies to be found. He took quick stock of the belongings he happened to have on him, his clothing and a single knife tucked into his boot. He began to drift along absently, his course being primarily controlled by the tides of the waters.

While he has no idea just how long he was out for, he drifted for two days in the open waters. Dehydration and hunger both began to tear away at him, and he mustered up the will to keep himself from imbibing the salty sea water in desperation from the intense thirst. Surrounded by water with no hope of getting a drink — if it were not driving him mad Cassius might have seen the irony in the situation. At dawn break of the second day drifting at sea Cassius was just able to make out what appeared to be land on the horizon, a long stretch of coastline likely of one of the bordering nations of the Waking Sea. He was unsure what direction he had been drifting, but that didn’t matter right now. He began kicking his legs with all the strength he could gather in an effort to direct himself to landfall.

The feeling of land beneath his feet and hands as he started to drag himself on to the shore was like nothing he had ever felt before in his life. Things had been hard on him in the past, but nothing he had endured up to this point could have braced him for what he had just managed to live through. A sense of elation washed over him, he could barely believe that he was actually going to survive all of this. The feelings quickly subsided, however, as the realization that he would need to find fresh water and food soon. Pushing himself back to his feet he took a quick look around the landscape, in the distance he could see what appeared to be a small mountain range. Based on the relatively small size he was able to deduce that he had drifted south to Ferelden, had he drifted to the Free Marches he should be looking on the vast stretches of the Vimmark Mountains. Unfamiliar with the layout of the nation he took his best guess and set out, following along the coastline with the assumption that it should lead him to a settlement sooner or later.

As he walked along his attention was constantly pulled to the search for water and food, the pains from both making it difficult to try and focus on anything else. After an hour or so walking along he came across a bush that was adorned with numerous large berries, and he recognized them as something safe to ingest recalling a meal he had a few years back with a business associate where the berries had been served as a foreign treat. He quickly began to gather them up, but had the foresight enough to realize eating them as quickly would likely just make him sick. He slowly began eating through his find as he continue to walk along – the sweet juices providing a brief reprise from the desire for water (short lived as it might have been thanks to the natural sugars in the juices). Suddenly, just in the distance, Cassius saw a small cart moving along what appeared to be a dirt road. He quickly began shouting out for help and running towards the cart.

As luck would have it, Cassius had stumbled onto the path of a traveling merchant on his way to Redcliffe from Amaranthine City. He had some spare rations and water that he gave to Cassius who put his immediate attentions to the waterskin. Again he took care to drink in the liquid slowly in an effort to keep himself from spewing it all back out across the ground. The merchant was able to advise Cassius that the closest settlement to them was in fact Amaranthine City, about one days travel in the opposite direction that he had been going originally. On the downside there was no spare room in the merchant’s cart and so he would be unable to afford Cassius a ride anywhere. Grateful for the help, Cassius thanked the merchant and then set back out on his way to Amaranthine City.

As he walked down the old dirt road a ways he eventually came upon what looked like a small farm house, possibly on the outskirts of the Amaranthine Arling. Now that he had his focus back, his attention had shifted from a need of food and water to the need to get himself kitted out again. Since the wreck he had lost all the money and belongings he had, and being in a foreign land so unprepared was not a prospect that he was very fond of. He set his mind to inspecting this isolated location to see if he might be able to remedy those issues, and slowly began to make his way up to the house to investigate.

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