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Session 3, Mini 1 Recap

At this point in the Campaign we have elected to run the bulk of the remaining Origin Stories in mini sessions due to scheduling issues causing a large gap between sessions. In the first installment of the mini sessions we have our first two troupe members coming together for the first time, and thus the first true step to the formation of the party. A total of three such sessions have been planned at this time, but this may be something we do again in the future should the story call for it.

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Session Cast
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Ceanna Britt
Roland Tom

Things had been going so well, but then it all took a sudden turn for the worse. After this morning frustration and anger are nearly all Ceanna can focus on. Fortunately she just happened to remember that she needed to get over to Glassric’s Wares to meet with the rest of her crew for the Jader caravan. She takes a moment to gear up before heading out and locking up the house.

The day is bright and clear as Ceanna tracks through the streets of Amaranthine City, making her way slowly from the residential district to the market for her meeting. As she comes down the stairs into the market she immediately takes notice of a dwarf clad in chain armor standing outside of Glassric’s with an elf who is dressed rather plainly. As the dwarf catches sight of Ceanna he calls out and begins to wave her over.

Hey, you—Ce-Ceanna, yea, Ceanna! Come ’ere.

As Ceanna draws up to the pair, another gentleman begins to approach the small assembly. The dwarf seems to immediately recognize him and begins to casually chat with him instead of the rest.

Hey, Roland—how did things pan out with ’ol Kerdik?

Roland smirks a bit as he takes position within the gathering, confirming he had gotten hired on and was here to meet with the crew. At this point the dwarf introduces himself to Ceanna as Triag Forlac, and also takes a moment to introduce the elf as Carr. After introductions have been handled Triag takes a moment to explain the operation and how everything is planned to play out—and mentions that they are still waiting on one last member of their party, the driver of the cart they will be covering.

Let’s get down to the tacks and nails ‘ere. The caravan is two cart filled wit’ cargo—don’t bother askin’ what it is ‘cause I ain’t paid to know that. Now we’re meetin’ in two days ‘round dawn in the rural outskirts. Two carts, two drivers, three guards each, ’an Carr ’ere will be actin’ as a scout. Round trip’ll be around a month, most of ‘at will be the trip out cause I wager the carts slow us a bit since we’re gonna want to avoid the highway. My main worry is the leg a the trip in the Frostbacks.

Roland sneers a bit at that, the thought of Avvar raiders immediately coming to mind. Triag agrees confirming that is his primary concern as well. It is at this point that the small group hears a voice chime out from just behind them.

Well shit on me! Seriously? Seriously?!? So they got you on this job too, what a shoddy little dwarf.

Ceanna immediately recognizes the voice as belonging to Koriah, and that just adds the icing to the proverbial cake for her. The two engage in a brief exchange about the prospect of having to spend the next month together on a job, and after a few moments Ceanna just can’t take any more and tells everyone she will just see them in a couple days. After she departs the rest of the gathering take their leave of one another for now, and Roland jogs off after and catches up to Ceanna as she was heading in the same direction as he was.



Hey, Ceanna wasn’t it—what was up with that bitch back there?

Ceanna being in the mood she is decides to keep things on the short side with Roland for the time being. She sums things up by saying that Kori is some of her main competition in town and that she plans on having some words with Kerdik. Roland does his best for a brief bit of the walk to make some small talk with his new partner. Ceanna is not having it right now though, things just keep getting worse so why should this be any different. As they arrive at The Crown and Lion Ceanna makes directly for the bar while Roland slips off upstairs to spend a little time with his thoughts in his room.

The young elven woman who has worked for Kerdik since he opened the tavern is working the bar, but having a distaste for elves Ceanna avoids having any casual chatter with her—she orders herself a glass of West Hill Whiskey to drown out the thoughts in her head while she waits for Kerdik to get in. Over the next couple of hours Ceanna sits alone having drinks, her sour demeanor is enough to keep the other patrons at bay. After a bit of thinking and taking a moment to change into his clothing from his armor, Roland come back down from upstairs and joins Ceanna at the bar once he catches notice.

The two exchange in some casual conversation, each one being somewhat apprehensive to reveal too much to the other. At this point Roland has committed himself to getting onto good terms with her and keeps chipping away at her walls as they drink and converse. As they get along with the day Ceanna becomes increasingly intoxicated, he inhibitions lowering more and eventually Roland’s persistence pays off. The two continue chatting for the next couple of hours as Ceanna works on sobering herself back up when Kerdik arrives for the evening. Thanks to Roland and his efforts to win her over, Ceanna has a quick exchange with Kerdik where she expresses her frustrations about working with Kori but manages to keep her cool.

The next few days pass without much excitement. Ceanna decides to lay low at Aidan‘s house, though the two of them do have a conversation again over that time. Aidan again mentions that it may be best that when Ceanna gets back from her trip that she go spend a little time with his cousin Landon in Vintiver. Roland hoping to make a little extra money while he waits decides to check out the Chanter’s Board at the Chantry of Our Lady Redeemer. He decides to help out with some of the restoration efforts in the city for a nominal amount of pay each day.


The day of the journey finally arrives, and the caravan departs from Amaranthine City to make way to the city of Jader on the Orlesian border. Each of the two carts they are escorting are filled with unknown contraband on some kind that they need to deliver to a client at a farm outside of the city. As per the plan the caravan sticks to the side roads, avoiding the Imperial Highway as much as possible. For most of the journey things progress smoothly for everyone, Ceanna is even surprised to find that Kori is being pleasant—presumably she has taken the same stance that they may as well be civil if they have to work together for the next month. They keep their rivalry alive with some casual gambling in the evenings as they go.

Trouble finally comes once the caravan has entered into the Frostbacks. Initially things are going along fine as they caravan slowly makes way through the narrow mountain passes. Travel becomes like a crawl each day in the rugged mountains, but still they make headway each day. One evening at dusk the caravan was pulling into a large opening in the pass suitable to setup camp for the night. As the carts rolled to a halt the party was suddenly and abruptly set upon by and Avvar raiding party.


Before anyone even knew what was happening, twenty Avvar raced at the caravan from all directions. Everyone quickly readied themselves and a massive clash ensued. While they team attempted as best they could to hold the caravan, the numbers of the Avvar quickly began to overwhelm them. Ceanna and Koriah manage to down one of the raiders before being overwhelmed. Triag and Roland both desperately try to fend off as many Avvar as they individually can. Before long, Triag finds himself hopelessly surrounded and many of the team working the second cart had been slain.

It becomes clear that there is little hope of survival, and eventually Koriah sounds the retreat. Triag stands his ground in an attempt to buy the others some more time to escape. As Roland ensures that the other survivors—Ceanna, Carrian, and Koriah—have gotten clear the last thing he sees before fleeing is Triag fall at the hands of a small pack of Avvar warriors. Badly wounded, exhausted, and with almost no supplies left they four set back out into the mountains alone. For now they absently trace back the way they came from in hopes to make it out of the Frostbacks alive.

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