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food_chain.jpgThis section of the Codex will contain details on the different beasts and intelligent creatures the party has encountered. This section has been broken down into sub-categories to help make navigating this area more comprehensive. Select one of the sub-categories below to begin.

The things included in this section are not all strictly “creatures,” but rather the types of things that characters will encounter outside of the normal races found throughout Thedas (Dwarf, Elf, Human, and Qunari).


There are many different types of animals that roam the wilds of Thedas, some are utterly harmless while others can potentially take down a group of seasoned adventurers under the right circumstances. Here you will find a collection of the most commonly known creatures, as well as the ones that the party have encountered in the course of their travels.

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The Darkspawn are a race of humanoid tainted creatures that mostly dwell in the underground of Thedas. When the Darkspawn uncover one of the Old Gods they expose it to the Taint changing it into an Archdemon which then leads them in an attack against the surface world called a Blight. The Darkspawn are perhaps the greatest single threat to all of Thedas; they are bloodthirsty, exceptionally numerous, and willing to indiscriminately kill or corrupt all in their path.

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Demons are oft-malicious Spirits from the Fade that embody a sin and feeds on the darker parts of the mortal psyche like rage, hunger, and desire. The more complex the emotions, the more intelligent and powerful the Demon who feeds on it.

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Dragons are extremely large and powerful reptilian animals which are capable of using elemental breaths. Dragons prefer to live in old ruins and cave complexes around Thedas.

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Golems are creatures of hewn stone or sheets of metal animated with a spark of lyrium. A magical, not mechanical, process animates the Golem, making it more of a living “iron/stone creature”. Most commonly made of rock, they rarely speak. A magical control rod can be used to gain complete command of a Golem. A Golem which lacks a control rod retains free will.

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Possessed refers to the creatures created when Spirits or Demons possess a living being or an inanimate object. There are a number of variations this can create, some more commonly known than others. Possession is a phenomena that occurs all throughout Thedas.

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Spirits embodying virtues may be considered benevolent (or at least not malevolent). Such Spirits characteristically do not wish to cross the Veil. They may instead comfort visitors of the Fade by dreams that strengthen the soul, or visions that promote epiphanies. Spirit Healers in Thedas maintain close relationships with Spirits.

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Creatures that are Tainted have been effected by the Blight in such a way as to have their bodies twisted and corrupted. They become savage, bloodthirsty reflections of their former self. A terrible fate for any creature, plant, or sentient being.

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